Los Angeles Times Empowers Citizens to Define Communities

The Los Angeles Times put together a team of reporters and web developers called the Data Desk to create and maintain a new subdivision of neighborhoods in L.A.  They based their information on the U.S. Census Bureau’s census tracts.  By doing so, their information will be geographically synchronized to constantly updated statistics.  The Times invited users to send comments and draft revisions as soon as the first draft of the map was posted in 2009.  They received over 650 user-generated maps.  The goal of the new neighborhood lines is for accuracy when reporting on an event.  The Los Angeles Times wants people to know exactly where they mean when they refer to places such as Van Nuys or Westwood.

The following is the current Map of L.A. depicting all the neighborhoods.


To synthesis the arbitrary lines of census tracts to easy to digest neighborhood identities, citizens can be better informed of what is happening in their neighborhood.

To find out more information on the project, click here.

Sandy Cao, VERTICES Intern
Community Mapping Intern
Center for Community Mapping

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