RU Safe Project Uses Mobile Mapping to Keep Students on Campus Safe

The RU Safe program is an initiative program that utilizes interactive mapping through GIS technoology to map the potential dangerous places on the Rutgers University New Brunswick campus.  Participants used an iPhone and Android application called Mappler Mobile to provide visual and quantile data of areas around near and on campus.  On December 1st 2011, groups of students went out to survey the College Avenue campus on lighting levels of the sidewalks.  This data was compared to the local police department’s data to make some educated inferences.

The results found that there is a high correlation between areas that have inadequate street lighting and the numbers of crimes that occur in those areas.  This information makes it easier for the Rutgers Police Department to target areas to patrol.

The following is an image of what the Mappler application looks like.  To view the RU Safe Mappler site click here.  To visit the actual map click here.

Students can use their smartphones to categorize the level of safeness that they felt in each location.  Here is a screenshot from an iPhone of what the RU Safe app looks like.

For more information, you can check out the full report:  RU Safe Report

Sandy Cao, VERTICES Intern
Community Mapping Intern
Center for Community Mapping

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