IMSOCIO is an organization that was created through the partnership between SOCIO,Scholars Organizing Culturally Innovative Opportunities, and Dr. Wansoo Im of Vertices, LLC. IMSOCIO aims to encourage the academic progress of Hispanic high school students in Franklin Township by providing the support and resources necessary to facilitate their progression to higher education.

They recently had a Geocaching event on Saturday June 2. SOCIO students were asked to locate 20 markers placed across the College Avenue campus of Rutgers University.  Each group was given latitude and longitude coordinates and hints to locate each point.  Using a GPS application on their smart phones, the students were able to search for the points and plot them on an interactive map using the Mappler Mobile application.

The event had an excellent turnout! Since the students were told the group that collected the most points would receive a prize, the simple task of locating the points turned into an exciting competition to collect the most markers.

To learn more about IMSOCIO, visit http://www.imsocio.org/home/

Click on the link to see the interactive site - http://www.mappler.net/imsociosummer2012/

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