Healthy Lifestyle

Community mapping for healthy lifestyles is about public participation in discovering healthier choices in everyday life. Everywhere you go – home, work, play and everywhere in between – a healthier life begins by knowing what tools, places and people are available to help transform your habits for a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Neighborhood Food and Exercise Opportunities

We invite you to explore the healthy lifestyle maps of our local neighborhoods. Special civic involvement contributed the locations of grocery stores, food carts and food establishments as well as places to take a walk, play ball or just breathe in some fresh air. If you’re in the area, come out and give them a try!

Lifestyle Under the Influence

Mapping demonstrates that alcohol consumption on college campuses can adversely influence students. The study area focuses on the high density of students living in both on- and off-campus housing. DUI crash points show the unhealthy effects alcohol may have on a student’s lifestyle and education.

Healthy Suggestions

CCM would love to hear from you any ideas as to how we can add to these Healthy Lifestyle mapping projects in order to better service your community. Together we can start building a better tomorrow.

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