Mission Statement

Empowering Public and Communities with Mapping Technology

The Center for Community Mapping (CCM) focuses on Public Participatory Community Mapping, Project Planning and Implementation

CCM seeks to unify and strengthen communities by offering individuals, and educational institutions the tools to help manage their interests. Targeting educational institutions, CCM seeks to introducing innovative mapping technology to the non-GIS specialist. With easy-to-use web-based applications, our objective at CCM is to make interactive mapping accessible to all communities.

The Center for Community Mapping empowers grass-root stakeholders with mapping technology to foster participatory planning, community education, and cooperative organization. Collaborative mapping iniatives support and facilitate an integrated approach to environmental conservation, open-space and historic preservation, neighborhood revitalization and urban planning, community asset inventories, and economic development as well as expands awareness of local needs, issues and special places as determined by the community’s own members.

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