Environmental Commissions

What can we do for you?

  • Provide Interactive Mapping (IM) application
  • Delineate areas of interest with borders and/or shading

What can you do with an Interactive Mapping application?

  • Insert points of interest (water monitoring, office locations, municipal authorities, superfund sites, endangered habitats, wetlands, soil types, known pollutants/polluters)
  • Record information and data for points of interest
  • Upload photographs for points of interest
  • Measure distances

Example 1: D & R Greenway Land Trust

This map delineates several different designated types of land:

  • Greenway Preserved Land
  • Preserved Open Space
  • Preserved Farmland
  • Parks

This application also shows:

  • Rivers
  • Highways
  • Major Roads
  • Municipalities
  • Counties

Each layer can be turned on or off so users can view the information wanted.

Example 2: Bernards Township GIS Technology in Science

This is an application created for the Bernards Township School District that students use to record and track the deer population in their town.  Similar applications can be created to track any animal populations based on sightings and known habitats.

  • Green arrows denote live deer sightings while the gray arrows represent the locations of deceased deer.

How are these Interactive Mapping applications useful?

  • Anyone with administrator access to the application can edit, add, or delete data from any internet connection at anytime.
  • Since an administrator can control the content,┬áhe or she can select areas of importance.
  • Spread awareness in the community or municipality regarding the state of the environment and animal populations.

We can include anything you want and tailor the applications to all of your needs!

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