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OpenStreetMap for Beginners

OpenStreetMap is a free and editable interactive map of the whole world. Community-based organizations make use of OpenStreetMap as a tool for communicating geographical information, making it one of the leading resources for the evolution and development of community participatory mapping. In order to encourage and facilitate the use of OpenStreetMap, David Ellams created a …

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Mapping Fresh, Local Foods


Ever wonder where grocery stores and  restaurants in your area are getting the fruits, vegetables, and other food products they sell and use to make the food you’re eating? Foolink: Waterloo Region is an organization in Ontario, Canada that mapped places in Canada that grow and sell locally grown fresh foods so that community members …

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World Water Day 2011


Started in 1993, World Water Day, held March 22 of each year, was established by the United Nations as an international day for educating the world on the importance of freshwater resources and the need for developing sustainable freshwater consumption and use habits. Yesterday, March 22, 2011, was World Water Day, and the theme for …

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Community-Based Energy Initiative with Interactive Mapping


One Change is a community-based, non-profit non-partisan grassroots organization that seeks to promote habits and behaviors that embrace sustainable means of consuming nonrenewable energy resources. This initiative was inspired by an ENERGY STAR® statistic: “If every household in the United States replaced one incandescent bulb with a compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb, the reduction in …

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Atlas of Rural and Small-Town America

atlas-of-rural-small-town-america-center-for-community-mapping-community mapping-development-efforts

The Atlas of Rural and Small-Town America was developed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). It is an online mapping tool that visually depicts over 60 different statistical indicators of rural and small-town America. As stated by the Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, “The new Atlas will … help policy makers pinpoint the …

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