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Mapping the Solar Power Potential of NYC


Data collected from a series of flights over New York City by an airplane equipped with Lidar, a laser system for light detection and ranging, indicates that 66.4% of the buildings in NYC are suitable rooftop spaces from solar panels. It is estimated that this could generate 5,847 megawatts of energy as compared to the …

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OpenStreetMap for Beginners

OpenStreetMap is a free and editable interactive map of the whole world. Community-based organizations make use of OpenStreetMap as a tool for communicating geographical information, making it one of the leading resources for the evolution and development of community participatory mapping. In order to encourage and facilitate the use of OpenStreetMap, David Ellams created a …

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Mapping the New Zealand Earthquake

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On February 22, 2011, an earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand, killing at least 75 people, with an anticipated significantly higher death rate as the days go by. This is the second largest earthquake to hit the area with a magnitude measuring 6.3 and aftershocks at almost 5 magnitudes. During and immediately after this tragedy, online …

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