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Non-Profit UK Based Open Source Mapping Powered by Volunteers Taking on GoogleMaps

Steve Coast is the founder and chair of OpenStreetMap, a UK-based non-profit that specializes in “free and open” map data.  Coast’s plan was to pioneer the first free licensing maps, however GoogleMaps had beat them to it.  Despite this, their maps are exceptionally accurate because of their backing by Microsoft and MapQuest, and even Google at an …

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Sustainable Maryland


By helping the 157 municipalities in Maryland adopt sustainable initiatives related to water, energy, land use, health, food, and the economy, VERTICES, LLC, working with the Environmental Finance Center at the University of Maryland (EFC) and with the support of the Maryland Municipal League, launched the Sustainable Maryland Certified website.  This is a dynamic web-based …

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An Innovative Look at Transportation


GeoVation [innovation through geography] is a UK-based organization committed to helping communities asses their community assets and address any identifiable community needs through an innovative application of geography-based interactive maps and resources. For the 2011 GeoVation Challenge, community groups across the UK were presented with the task of addressing, “How can we improve transport in …

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Tornadoes, Floods, and Storms


Last week Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia were devastated by a series of natural disasters. Within two days, communities throughout the area were destroyed, and although this area experiences seasonal tornadoes, the impact was unusually extensive and devastating. At least 327 people were killed, and over 1 million people in the Southeast have …

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World Water Day 2011


Started in 1993, World Water Day, held March 22 of each year, was established by the United Nations as an international day for educating the world on the importance of freshwater resources and the need for developing sustainable freshwater consumption and use habits. Yesterday, March 22, 2011, was World Water Day, and the theme for …

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