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The Importance of Citizen Participation in Mapping

Photo from the New York Times

As technology and access to data continues to improve and expand, the potential of developing community mapping projects throughout the world to garner data and resources will become a vital for urban development and revitalization efforts. In the article, “Empowering Citizen Cartographers,” Caroline Anstey clearly outlines the potential and importance of utilizing citizen cartographers to …

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Public Maps Gulf Oil Spill using Balloon and Kite Flights

The Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science is providing volunteers and the public with open-source tools for environmental data collection.  In 2010, they began mapping the Gulf Coast to document the effects of the BP oil spill.  The program took a year to complete and resulted in the creation of 50 regional maps.  PLOTS …

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Mapping India: Open Source Community Mapping


A recent graduate from the National Institute of Design in information and interface design, Arun Ganesh is working to to map India using open source mapping tools. As he states, “Sadly, in India, we still don’t have free and accessible maps. Neither the government nor the city provides us with them, so we have had …

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Connecting Investors and Researchers with Maps


The University of Maryland School of Architecture received a $500,000 federal grant from the United States Department of Commerce to map out university research projects in order connect researchers and students to technology-based job opportunities. As co-principal investigator Scott Dempwolf states, “What this tool does is allow economic developers to explore how companies and people …

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Horn of Africa Aid Map


Developed by InterAction as an NGO Aid Map initiative, the “Horn of Africa Aid Map” has mapped 98 aid and development projects in East Africa working to relieve famine. This map hopes to increase transparency and improve the decision-making process by “facilitating partnerships and [improving] coordination among those working in the region [to help] NGOs, …

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Mapping the Food Industry–MarketMaker


MarketMaker–an online marketing and mapping tool that gets the state’s freshest seafood and produce in the hands of the consumers–received an award at the National Value Added Agricultural Conference in Pittsburgh, sponsored by Farm Credit. The national network currently consists of 16 states including  Colorado, Nebraska, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, New York, …

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A Virtual Microscope on Google Maps


Developed by the NYU School of Medicine Division of Educational Informatics, the Virtual Microscope application allows professors, students and users to display, annotate and navigate scanned slides in a Google Maps API. This is a revolutionary learning tool for medical students–instead of mapping geography, we can also now map and annotate microscope slides of living …

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The Democratization of Mapping and Maptivism


Every time something happens in the world these days, somebody makes a map about it. With developments in mapping technology, a trend toward the democratization of digital mapping has exploded on the internet. Although mapping technology is not perfect and the mapping of geographic data can be politically sensitive, the advancements in mapping technology have …

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Mapping Fresh, Local Foods


Ever wonder where grocery stores and  restaurants in your area are getting the fruits, vegetables, and other food products they sell and use to make the food you’re eating? Foolink: Waterloo Region is an organization in Ontario, Canada that mapped places in Canada that grow and sell locally grown fresh foods so that community members …

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What is a Food Desert?


According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) a food desert is an area that lacks access to affordable fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lowfat milk, and other healthier foods that are essential for a healthy diet and lifestyle. An understanding of the impact and the prevalence of food deserts in the United States has been …

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