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Non-Profit UK Based Open Source Mapping Powered by Volunteers Taking on GoogleMaps

Steve Coast is the founder and chair of OpenStreetMap, a UK-based non-profit that specializes in “free and open” map data.  Coast’s plan was to pioneer the first free licensing maps, however GoogleMaps had beat them to it.  Despite this, their maps are exceptionally accurate because of their backing by Microsoft and MapQuest, and even Google at an …

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Mapping India: Open Source Community Mapping


A recent graduate from the National Institute of Design in information and interface design, Arun Ganesh is working to to map India using open source mapping tools. As he states, “Sadly, in India, we still don’t have free and accessible maps. Neither the government nor the city provides us with them, so we have had …

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OpenStreetMap for Beginners

OpenStreetMap is a free and editable interactive map of the whole world. Community-based organizations make use of OpenStreetMap as a tool for communicating geographical information, making it one of the leading resources for the evolution and development of community participatory mapping. In order to encourage and facilitate the use of OpenStreetMap, David Ellams created a …

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