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Sustainable Maryland


By helping the 157 municipalities in Maryland adopt sustainable initiatives related to water, energy, land use, health, food, and the economy, VERTICES, LLC, working with the Environmental Finance Center at the University of Maryland (EFC) and with the support of the Maryland Municipal League, launched the Sustainable Maryland Certified website.  This is a dynamic web-based …

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Mapping the Solar Power Potential of NYC


Data collected from a series of flights over New York City by an airplane equipped with Lidar, a laser system for light detection and ranging, indicates that 66.4% of the buildings in NYC are suitable rooftop spaces from solar panels. It is estimated that this could generate 5,847 megawatts of energy as compared to the …

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Mapping Fresh, Local Foods


Ever wonder where grocery stores and  restaurants in your area are getting the fruits, vegetables, and other food products they sell and use to make the food you’re eating? Foolink: Waterloo Region is an organization in Ontario, Canada that mapped places in Canada that grow and sell locally grown fresh foods so that community members …

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An Innovative Look at Transportation


GeoVation [innovation through geography] is a UK-based organization committed to helping communities asses their community assets and address any identifiable community needs through an innovative application of geography-based interactive maps and resources. For the 2011 GeoVation Challenge, community groups across the UK were presented with the task of addressing, “How can we improve transport in …

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Community-Based Energy Initiative with Interactive Mapping


One Change is a community-based, non-profit non-partisan grassroots organization that seeks to promote habits and behaviors that embrace sustainable means of consuming nonrenewable energy resources. This initiative was inspired by an ENERGY STAR® statistic: “If every household in the United States replaced one incandescent bulb with a compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb, the reduction in …

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